Centre for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The centre will partner with, and provide creative support to, governments, multi-lateral agencies, businesses, institutions, academia, experts, civil society and other stakeholders for achievement of sustainable development goals adopted by the United Nations on 25th September, 2015.

Towards this end, this Centre will work closely with the other Centres in Shaping Tomorrow, become a knowledge-hub for SDGs, and develop new dynamic Models/ Architectures and Conceptual Frameworks for successful implementation of SDGs over the 15 year period 2016-2030. It will also encourage setting up of similar Centres elsewhere in the country.

The planet has no future if the human species does not adopt a sustainable way of living and thinking. SDGs represent the mankind's dream, crafted within the United Nations framework, through intensive and extensive collaborations between governments of the world and all other stakeholders. Successful implementation of SDGs would require a new kind of mind-set, governance systems, operational modalities, partnerships, resource mobilization etc. The Centre would seek to develop such approaches in a partnership mode. It is already working with Government of India/ State Governments and Multi-Lateral Agencies towards this end. Partnership with Assam has led to Prof Jeffrey Sachs stating that the State is leading the world and is an inspiration. It has also resulted in the State Government setting up an excellent Centre for SDGs of their own.

Mr. Anurag Goel on Sustainable Development Goals in an interview by UNDP Asia-Pacific Knowledge Network.

Shaping Tomorrow has been, and continues to be, involved in a number of diverse initiatives and activities held in each of its five Centres of Excellence. The projects taken up by Shaping Tomorrow are housed in one of these Centres, drawing knowledge and resources from other Centres also when required.

Assam Initiative on SDGs

Centre for SDGs has been at the heart of some path-breaking initiatives in developing the strategy for implementation of SDGs. It has developed a Model of Governance Architecture & Strategy for Implementing SDGs, which has been an important input in the pioneering work done by the Government of Assam for SDGs. Prof Jeffrey Sachs, Special Adviser to UN Secretary General and Director, Earth Institute, Columbia University made this remark on the work of Assam Government: "It is truly special that Assam has become the first Indian state to formally adopt the SDGs for its development path".

He also said: "Assam's approach to maintain balance on the three pillars of development viz. economic, social and environmental through adoption of SDGs in the State on mission mode will rejuvenate the whole world... I am sure that by turning this aspiration into a reality by 2030, Assam would become the world leader in sustainable development". Read more about Assam's Initiative in our Knowledge Hub.

Knowledge Exchange

Shaping Tomorrow's founder Mr. Anurag Goel was invited by UNDP as a speaker to the UNDP Regional (Asia-Pacific) Knowledge Exchange on SDGs. This was a Conference held in Bangkok on 23-24 October, 2016. Apart from his formal presentation, he was also amongst those interviewed separately for his work with Government of Assam. To view the video on Mr. Goel's Bangkok Conference Conversation, please click here.

Implementing Agenda 2030

Click here to view the implementing agenda 2030 of UNDP Asia Pacific Regional Knowledge Exchange for SDGs in Assam.