Centre for Governance Start-ups and Reforms

The centre will be a catalyst for promoting and assisting initiatives for disruptive innovation in governance, facilitate setting up of governance start-ups, and support governments in creating internal and external policy and eco-systems for ushering in future-ready governance for the world of tomorrow.

Traditional Governance Systems are being increasingly perceived as being incapable of facing the challenges of today's world, and delivering in sync with the aspirations of the people. We need new Architectures for Governance.

We need disruptive innovations in governance structures and processes. Governance Start-ups (different and distinct from the technology-based business Start-ups) are required for this, both within the governmental systems and without, along with fundamental reforms. The Centre for Governance Start-ups and Reforms will conceptualize and execute innovative frameworks and projects for this purpose. It will also assist governments in setting up institutionalized systems for continued reforms in governance, tuned to the future world as envisaged through "Foresight". It would also seek to support governments in taking up Organizational-Development (OD)/ transformational-initiatives for ushering in governance models for future, capable of dealing with the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world of today and the New Normal. The Centre is already working on specific initiatives in this direction with Government of India and State Governments.

At the project level, one of its proposals on competition & consumer laws is under consideration of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. Shaping Tomorrow and IIM,Kashipur are also in touch with the Government of Uttarakhand for jointly taking up governance reforms and sustainability projects.