Centre for Foresight

The centre will collate, create and disseminate knowledge on foresight (futures studies), and assist governments, corporates, institutions and people in its application for helping shape a better tomorrow.

"Inventing the Future" requires skills to visualize and build alternative scenarios of the future (called Foresight or Future Studies), on the basis of "hard" and "soft" trends, discerned through use of modern analytical tools like Analytics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence etc., duly tempered with human perspectives and intuitive assessments.

There is an inescapable need to understand disruptive technologies like 3 D printing, Internet of Things, Blockchain etc., and their huge potential for shaping the world in sync with the preferred scenario from amongst the many possible futures. The Centre for Foresight seeks to lead initiatives in this area, and design/execute projects for this purpose, using an imaginative mix of people, partners and technology. It also aims at helping create/clone similar Centres all over India. Government of Assam has already, on the advice of Shaping Tomorrow, upgraded its earlier Centre for Innovation in Assam Administrative a Staff College to the present Centre for Innovation & Futures Study.

Shaping Tomorrow has been, and continues to be, involved in a number of diverse initiatives and activities held in each of its five Centres of Excellence. The projects taken up by Shaping Tomorrow are housed in one of these Centres, drawing knowledge and resources from other Centres also when required.

Blockchain Initiative

Shaping Tomorrow has been actively advocating since May, 2016 with Government of India and UN Agencies. It is working for introduction of Blockchain in governance processes like maintaining property records, issue of educational, caste certificates etc., procurement through smart contracts, Direct Benefit Transfer, budget deficit processes etc, since Blockchain is the "Technology of Trust and Transparency". In November, 2016 GoI and UNDP have agreed to explore the potential of Blockchain technology on pilot basis. ST continues to support the initiative and is bringing in requisite technological expertise through it's partners. Read More about Blockchain in our Knowledge Hub.

3D Printing Initiative

Shaping Tomorrow has been actively bringing to the notice of government departments/agencies like National Building Construction Corporation, industry, business schools etc., the disruptive impact that 3 D Printing would have on manufacturing, supply chains, construction activities etc. Shaping Tomorrow, with these departments/agencies, have been working on advocating quick and effective policy and strategic responses. This initiative would continue to be pursued on priority.

Foresight for Consumer Issues

Shaping Tomorrow has engaged with several governmental departments regarding the use of Foresight (Futures Studies). Government of Assam has set up a Task Force on Foresight under the Chairmanship of it's Founder Anurag Goel. As Chairman, he was instrumental in getting a Monograph prepared on Foresight to explain the basics of this extremely important discipline to policy makers and corporate decision-makers. Department of Consumer Affairs has asked Shaping Tomorrow to prepare a Discussion Paper on use of "Foresight" techniques for building alternative future scenarios of consumer protection mechanisms suitable for the markets of tomorrow.