About Shaping Tomorrow

Shaping Tomorrow Consultants LLP was founded by Mr. Anurag Goel and Ms. Barkha Khanna in 2014 as a think-tank and knowledge organization to actively work as a partner and a catalyst in the initiatives by the government, in partnership with corporates, academia and civil society for creating the India of our dreams.


Invent the Future to Shape a Better Tomorrow.


To catalyze and assist governments, corporates, and civil society in inventing a future India as a people-oriented economic powerhouse, through citizen-centric good governance, consumer-centric competitive markets, technology-centric individual innovation and productivity-centric corporate strategies, in sync with the Sustainable Development Goals.

5 Centres:

Shaping Tomorrow has five centres of excellence, namely:

  • Centre for Foresight
  • Centre for Governance Start-ups & Reforms
  • Centre for Sustainable Development Goals
  • Centre for Competition & Corporate Law
  • Centre for Corporate Finance & Management

Projects taken up by Shaping Tomorrow are housed in one of the five centres, but draw knowledge and resources from other centres also.

About Shaping Tomorrow's Founders

About Shaping Tomorrow as an Organization

As an organization into the business of "inventing the future", Shaping Tomorrow has itself been designed in the image of organizations of tomorrow, keeping in mind the "future of work"; a significant part being virtual, with experts drawn from the "gig economy" for "project-based" engagement, instead of the traditional "period-based" mode, treating them as partners and not employees.

Shaping Tomorrow has been, and continues to be involved in a number of diverse initiatives in sync with its Mission. It has been mentoring and engaging with new start-ups, and is also in dialogue with established start-ups. It is also working on strategies for briefing and assisting Governments in ushering in "Future-Ready Governance".

In September, 2015 the Government of Assam accepted the suggestions of Shaping Tomorrow in regard to a new kind of Governance Architecture, and also the suggestion to take up this transformational initiative around the theme of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Shaping Tomorrow has since been working with the State Government and UN Agencies for implementation of SDGs. It is also working on specific initiatives with different Ministries in Government of India, focussing on introduction of new / disruptive technologies and organizational reforms.

The five centres in Shaping Tomorrow are engaged across a wide spectrum of activities in sync with its aspirational mission. More and more high quality people are joining to walk with it on its journey to shape a better tomorrow, moving together in the direction of Shaping Tomorrow becoming a powerful thought-leader and an effective partnership platform for delivering transformational outcomes.

Our Partners

Shaping Tomorrow has been designed in the image of organizations of tomorrow and is involved in a number of diverse initiatives and activities. Keeping in mind its aim to invent the future and shape the better tomorrow that we dream of, Shaping Tomorrow works with experts from corporate companies, governments, educational institutes, NGOs and other established start-ups, treating them as partners and not employees. It puts together hand-picked teams for each of the projects, drawing on the large number of top quality partners. Shaping Tomorrow's partners provide invaluable ideas and in-kind support, and are vitally important in shaping the better tomorrow.

Shaping Tomorrow invites you to join in its initiatives for inventing the future, and contribute with your ideas in your area of interest. We would also be happy to help you in your initiatives in which you think Shaping Tomorrow can add value.

Please visit our contact us page to contribute your ideas or join our initiatives.